A Few of Our New Favorite Fitness YouTubers

From pilates to resistance training, we've got your sweat sesh covered.

Fitness Dec 27, 2021

She's creative, versatile, and leaves us feeling strong, stretched, and refreshed. Kaylie Daniels focuses on sculpting, lengthening, and cardiovascular health.

Kaylie Daniels
Hi, Glow Babes! I’m so happy that you’re here. A little about me: I’ve been a yoga and fitness instructor for almost a decade and I love to create unique & challenging fitness classes. I created the Glow Method because I believe that we all have an inner glow ~ the ability to feel confident in o…

Newly engaged couple, Juice and Toya, curate a channel chock full of resistance training: bodyweight, resistance bands, and weights, and a healthy dose of encouragement along the way.

Juice & Toya
Workouts | Food | Motivation | Lifestyle | + More

Tiff x Dan (though we're still wondering where Tiff is...) might seem at the outset that it's guy-centric workouts, but these HIIT, resistance training, and AMRAPS suit anyone looking for some extra challenge.

TIFF x DAN | AT HOME WORKOUTS | ABS WORKOUTSWelcome to our channel! We are two madly in love idiots sharing at home workouts + our favorite healthy meals. We never thought that 2020 would have us stepping away from the gym + getting creative with at home workouts, but here we are determined to mak…


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