A Few Valentine's Edibles We Love

We all need a little something sweet on Valentine's Day. Share with a loved one, take one to a friend, or hole up in your closet and sneak a few, solo (is it just us, or does the third option have some appeal?).

Food Feb 01, 2021
Sprinkles Cupcakes, nationwide

It's a perfect triad – fit for ready-to-eat local pick-up, national delivery, or bake at home, catch some Sprinkles this February 14th (or whenever).

Milkbar, nationwide

Cookies, cakes, truffles galore! Milkbar has it all.

Stick with me, New York

Try just one of Stick With Me's treats, and you'll never see a bon bon the same way.

Dylan's Candy Bar, nationwide

Like a bit of everything? Try Dylan's Candy Bar


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