AI Powers Just About Everything...and It's Biased

How do we achieve 'neutral' AI that represents and secures all of us? Read on to learn more.

Technology Apr 11, 2021

What is algorithmic bias?

AI that makes decisions that are systematically unfair to certain groups of people. Several studies have identified the potential for these biases to cause real harm, transcending our day-to-day lives – from gender and race, to our criminal justice system, financial institutions, facial recognition, ads, and the job market.

And when it comes to ensuring 'neutral' algorithms, it's critically important to employ not just a diverse software/engineering team, but also universal data sets, as well as implementation of a 'checks and balances' approach.

Council Post: The Role Of Bias In Artificial Intelligence
What is the root cause for introducing bias in AI systems, and how can it be prevented?

How do we manage the problem?

How can human-centered AI fight bias in machines and people? | MIT Sloan
A new MIT Sloan Experts Series talk explains how algorithms and humans can work together to compensate for blind spots and create clearer outcomes.

Tools to tackle algorithmic bias

Five tools for detecting Algorithmic Bias in AI


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