Books to Revisit or Read Anew This Thanksgiving Week

Dive into our reading recommendations for this Thanksgiving week!

Books Nov 23, 2020

For the moments where you find yourself without a care in the world as you lounge effortlessly on the beach this holiday...Who are we kidding? Back to reality. For the fleeting minutes you catch in between zoom calls, stuffing turkey (and yourself), strategically planning for the next major holiday, and finding yourself catching a breath in your closet, pick up one of these and drink on...we mean, read on.

For the contemplative mood, a classic that's sold 65M copies and counting, The Alchemist is an easy read that brings new perspective any time, any place.

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Based on a true story, and amassing over 30k reviews, Unbroken is an astounding test of the human spirit and resilience.

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When we think of a Caste system, India and South Asia come to mind, but in Isabel Wilkerson's book, Caste, she brings visibility to the human, social hierarchy and stratification also pervasive throughout western society.

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Until next time, read on.


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