Bringing the Past Back to Life?

New technology enables us to take any photo -- from the late Harriet Tubman to your great-grandmother -- and animate them within seconds. Sweet nostalgia or eerie perspective?

Technology Apr 11, 2021

The platform, My Heritage, recognized widely as an ancestry tool, has added a new feature to its offering – one that's bringing pivotal, historical figures back to life through AI-licensed technology, known as D-ID.

But the company's application known as Deep Nostalgia, isn't limited to those we've never known; it also provides the opportunity to animate those we've loved, and lost.

While the general reaction to the technology has been positive – most are taken aback by its life-like capabilities – some squirm a bit at the sight of an algorithm's depiction of their past loved one's expressions.

Simply upload some photos – you can even colorize them -- and seconds later, voila!


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