Chocolate Antioxidant-Packed, Energy Booster Smoothie (AKA "The Bomb")

Check out the smoothie we've been eating every day for over two years -- you're destined to be addicted at first sip!

Food Nov 17, 2020

We've eaten this smoothie like clockwork, nearly every day for over two years. The foundational inspo for this came from one of our favorite nutritionists, Kelly Leveque, and it's grown from there. Loaded with antioxidants, this morning (or afternoon...or evening) pre or post-workout treat will have you addicted in no time. See ingredients below (makes 2+ servings):

Handful of ice

1.5 frozen banana

2 small scoops or one large scoop of a chocolate protein powder of your choice (aim for a minimally processed, clean powder, and one that blends well in smoothies – no chalky consistency)

2-3 teaspoons of chia seeds

2-3 teaspoons of ground flax seeds

1 heaping teaspoon of cacao powder

1 heaping teaspoon of maca powder

2 teaspoons of hemp seeds

1 ripe avocado (not too ripe)

2-3 cups of oat, almond or coconut milk (we prefer half unsweetened vanilla oat milk and half vanilla coconut milk)

Blend until mixed well, and add more milk if consistency is too thick

Top with cacao nibs



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