Meaningful Musings: Happy Birthday, Truffld!

For our inaugural Truffld issue, let's collectively 'cheers' to new chapters, and celebrate the uncharted path that lies within all of us.

Letter From the Editor Nov 17, 2020

When I read something that leaves me altered in its wake, visit a new place -- near or far -- that lingers within my cells long after I've left, or settle seamlessly into a layered discussion with a friend who left me a better version of myself than before we spoke, I feel as though I've sunken my taste buds into a decadent, don't-want-it-to-end, Truffle.

In bringing Truffld to life and to you -- this new, mixed-media publication is an extension of my existing and extensive journalism and tech entrepreneur background. Truffld is borne of a whisper that became too loud to ignore, even though at times I dampened its call to me when I should have turned my ear toward it, knowing that if and when I did listen, I wouldn't be able to turn back from a mission much larger than myself.


My singular, wholehearted aim and wish for you is that through this unique content -- a dollop of news, interviews, humanity, health, and innovation -- you're transported for a moment, expanded in some capacity, even pushed forward an inch or a mile toward something that feels bigger than you that I hope won't allow you either to turn back. If even a molecule of this sentiment reverberates as you dive into this're already Truffld.




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