Lately, It's All About the UFOs, Baby...And There's an App for That

There's a concentrated dose of media coverage when it comes to UFOs --friend or foe? -- these days, and we've got a few resources to check out if your alien antennas are piqued.

In the News Jun 6, 2021

Dr. Steven Greer, arguably one of the most knowledgeable ufologists of our time, and founder of the Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), takes making peaceful contact with ETs a step further through an app, CE5.

UFO whistleblowers and scientists present firsthand footage of sightings through the documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.

Whether its searching for far-off microbes or alien life form, SETI Institute claims it's America's only organization dedicated entirely to searching for life in the universe.

We've been hearing about UFOs for decades...why so much chatter now? Read on.

The long-awaited U.S. government report on UFOs has arrived. In a nutshell: Routinely detected UFOs aren't military aircraft, but they're also not necessarily coming from anywhere outside of planet Earth.

No matter how we feel about UFOs, there's something about the explorer within each of us that compels us to continue to look beyond our own planetary boundaries, and learn, connect with, and ponder the unknown. And remember, if ETs don't knock on your door today or hover above your backyard tonight, there's always an app for that, tomorrow.


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